DemocracyLab’s latest Hackathon

A visual by our friends @goforvisualseattle

On Saturday DemocracyLab held its third hackathon of the year, in collaboration with OpenSeattle, Seattle Tech for Good and CTAB. Over 70 participants came together to contribute to a variety projects that aim to tackle homelessness, environmental issues, access to information and much more. A big thanks to our community partners Washington Technology Industry Association, & Washington Nonprofits as well as our sponsors, Code Fellows and HERE Technologies. Read about all of our amazing projects below.

Ready Set Vote — The easiest, fastest way to decide how you will vote. Create a personalized ballot guide and view recommendations from sources that you trust. You’ll be ready to vote quickly, easily and with total confidence.

Hackathon Goal: Setup their database & Improve UX.

Open Sourced Ecology — Developing an open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing our designs online for free. The goal of Open Source Ecology is to create an open source economy — an efficient economy which increases innovation by open collaboration.

Town Hall Project — A forum where lawmakers give legislative updates and answer open questions from constituents.

Hackathon Goal: Create new webpage that displays presidential primary townhall events.

Casebook — A platform for observing federal campaign finance activity in real time.

Hackathon Goal: To create a more visually appealing website.

Truth Tree — We seek to unite all the public data in the world into a data visualization tool and reference platform that can facilitate data driven understanding regarding geography, politics, and culture for geographical entities at all scales.

Hackathon Goal: Build stronger relationships with the local community.

Be Good Project — To help with the Be Good Project’s food rescue initiatives, the “Free Banana” App will provide supermarkets/groceries/produce stands the ability to donate bananas/produce that are considered not aesthetically-pleasing for market display but still edible and in good condition. Authorized low-income clients/homeless individuals will be able to register upon completion and approval of the application.

Hackathon Goal: Create wireframe and build basic architecture for Be Good Project’s first app.

Continueli — Environmental problems require global coordination, but that coordination is needs to be broken down and understood at local levels. Continueli puts global environmental mitigation into local context and lets people understand how their contributions to environmentalism supports global solutions.

No School Violence — We are data engineers building The Lantern, a free app parents and schools can use to reduce school violence. Our goal is to offer free solutions to schools so that children can be free from fear, threats, or weapons of violence.

Hackathon Goal: Develop working code that achieves the features and capabilities.

Caerusly — Create service to make B2G (Business to Government) market more productive.

Hackathon Goal: Create a prototype website.

OrcaSound — Network that connects your headphones to live hydrophones to listen to the ocean. Helping to observe and explore marine life.

Culture Shocks — A mobile app to help international students understand, empathize and connect with their host nations.

Hackathon Goal: Develop web app wireframe and validate business model.

OpenSidewalks — Sidewalks provide a primary mode of travel that supports nearly all other travel options, leisure, recreation and community activities. This project seeks to make pedestrian ways, particularly sidewalks, first class members of an open data transportation network.

Hackathon Goal: Prototype new app based on existing model.

HopeLink — The mobility management team empowers people to change their lives by facilitating access to the community via education and outreach.

Hackathon Goals: Overcome data gaps for a regional road conditions.

eLiberate — Allow distributed groups to hold online meetings using Roberts Rules of Order.

Hackaton Goals: Develop an MVP for user testing.

Center for Municipal Finance — We are dedicated to increasing the transparency and efficiency of government bond markets. A more efficient municipal bond market will save taxpayer money, increase the affordability of new public infrastructure and provide effective interest rate signals to policymakers and voters when individual governments take on excessive debt.

Hackathon Goals: Intelligently rename tiles based on the year. Get info from government website.

At DemocrayLab we optimize the connection between skilled volunteers and projects that need them. Open to everyone from individuals and established nonprofits to government organizations and for-profit social enterprises — we provide an open avenue for a better connection, more efficient collaboration, and increased impact.

Our next hackathon will be held on Saturday, July 27th. Visit us at for updates, and opportunities to contribute to our affiliate projects.

DemocracyLab is a volunteer-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization, headquartered in Seattle, WA.