DemocracyLab has paved the way for thousands of volunteering opportunities through our projects, providing diverse types of roles and responsibilities. Once signed up, a volunteer from any part of the world can select the role that suits them best.

An inclusive culture is an indispensable component of recruiting as it leads to improved creativity, efficiency, and innovation. Diversity in the workforce unleashes immense potential for dynamic ideas, facilitating an organizational culture where each person feels free and comfortable expressing their thoughts. DemocracyLab encourages volunteers from around the world to get engaged in public interest technology projects. Such inclusivity and diversity are a core strength of the organization, which believes that diverse teams working together with goodwill and respect can accomplish remarkable things.

Through virtual tech-for-good initiatives, the volunteering opportunities at DemocracyLab open doors for many who want to make a mark by helping out their communities. With a vast selection of projects to choose from, aimed at supporting social, economic, environmental, and civic causes, remote volunteers have the chance to develop their skills while making a difference in the world.

Here are some of the inclusive behaviors that have helped DemocracyLab to encompass a worldwide presence:

  • Providing volunteer opportunities to people from diverse backgrounds and skills
  • Practicing inclusion strategies in recruitment, teamwork, and succession planning
  • Encouraging teams with a variety of skill sets by giving them opportunities to showcase their talent
  • Creating a sense of belonging

Ryan Lechner, content writer:

I am a writer who has contributed to DemocracyLab because of the opportunities available to learn and grow and its inclusive culture. I have been a part of this organization for around two years and can say that I definitely feel like an important part of it. There are many other international volunteers who feel the same about the work they do at DemocracyLab. Here are testimonials from some of our active volunteers about how the organization has made a difference in their lives.

Hakki, a UX Designer from Turkey:

I wanted to improve my international experience as a UX designer and also do some networking by joining DemocracyLab . Being able to connect and collaborate with people from various backgrounds is refreshing and interesting. I really enjoy working with people with various skill sets. Time difference is a challenge but DemocracyLab's inclusive environment helps me freely express my opinions and find opportunities to hone my skills. It sounds strange but without Covid-19, I wouldn't be in DemocracyLab. Because of the pandemic, it seems like we're moving into a physically distant but digitally more connected world. This is a borderless world where everyone can connect, collaborate, and create value regardless of their actual location. And I believe that in the long run it will have unprecedented results for everyone.

Zoe Nguyen, a UX designer from Germany:

I joined Democracy Lab to improve my skill as a product designer and I was happy to contribute my skill for good causes to society through the platform. I chose specifically DemocracyLab as I was inspired by the mission and the values of the organization. It creates a win-win situation for non-profit projects that lack resources as well as skilled people who want to practice some tech skills or simply want to help. Not to mention, I am amazed at how the platform grows by the teamwork of a diverse group of people and I am proud to be a part of the team.

Anee-Marie Nnaedozie, a UX designer from UK:

I joined Democracy Lab because of their cause and what the organization represents. I enjoy being part of the organization because of the causes and projects we inadvertently help by doing what we do. I’ve had the pleasure of working with great designers that I’ve collaborated with and learnt from; and would love to continue to do so.

Aashish Sawhney, a product manager from India:

I joined DemocracyLab as I was inspired by its mission and the work they are doing for tech-for-good projects. It's been a great experience so far to volunteer and give back to the community and I encourage more people to come ahead and contribute.

In such unpredictable, virtual-first times, it is not a bad idea for civic organizations to expand their circle with international volunteerism. The team at DemocracyLab takes diversity and inclusion to heart, and it shows in the incredible work we all accomplish together.