Searching for a job or navigating a career change can feel ambiguous and overwhelming. That’s why the DemocracyLab marketing team, in partnership with Chocolate Milk Diplomacy has created a 50-minute course to help make this process engaging, with clear and actionable steps. It will help you get started and point you to the resources you need to navigate your career transition.


This course was created from the “Career Advancement Workshop” that was organized in partnership with DemocracyLab and led by Alex Berry of Chocolate Milk Diplomacy, an organization that provides career coaching, navigation, and development resources to marginalized and underrepresented communities.


Here’s a quick summary of each of the four modules in the course.

Module 1 - CMD believes that storytelling is at the heart of career development. The first module introduces CMD’s Five Step Career Transition Process and walks you through how to identify your own personal career story.

Module 2 - A discussion of why career transitions are often so painful. In this module Berry offers some insights about how to move past some of the fears and confusion that can keep us from making progress.

Module 3 - Progress can be tough if you don't have a goal in mind. The third module focuses on how to identify where you want to go in your career. Berry walks through three categories to consider when deciding on a career that will fit holistically into your life.

Module 4 - Now that you have your career story and your career path, Berry gets into the details of how to identify and create action plans for filling in the gaps in your resume.


This four-part course will give you a great kickstart to your making your career advancement or career transition goals a reality. For more resources check out the media library on the Chocolate Milk Diplomacy website. Here you'll find workshops, podcasts, one-on-one consulting, and self-led workbooks.

And consider volunteering with DemocracyLab to do good while building your resume and your network. Check out our projects page to find something that interests you today.